Email Follow Ups

readingemailImagine an automated email system that your customers can’t wait to read. One that makes them feel connected to your business on a personal level, and keeps them engaged and ready to buy again.

A great email follow up series will:

Reinforce The Initial Purchase

Cut down on returns or cancellations by showing her why she made a smart decision doing business with you.

Increase Repeat Orders

By staying in contact until its time to reorder or renew, you make repeating the purchase an easy decision.

Increase Secondary Purchases

While you have his attention, you have other products or services your customer needs to know about. Now’s your opportunity to make that sale.

But Your Emails Have To Be Worth Reading

There’s an art to crafting emails your customers will want to read. It’s more than just stuffing their inbox with your latest announcements. I write emails that grab them by the heart. I tell stories that speak to their soul. And by doing so, I stick them like glue to your business and keep them wanting more of what you have to offer.


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