Why I Can Build Your Business

Profit bar chartIn the last four years, I’ve taken a start up company from $0 to up to $1Million a month gross – in one of the most cutthroat, competitive marketplaces on the internet. And the most expensive product is under $50.

Meanwhile, I’ve developed a back end that can keep the company humming to the tune of $3Million a year with ALL advertising turned off.

I started copywriting for businesses in 2006 – my first sales letter doubled conversion. I worked freelance until 2010 when one of my clients hired me full time to market the start-up website I mentioned above.

Along the way I’ve been able to participate in some of the most elite, exclusive training available today. I’m talking small group sessions with some of the biggest gurus the world of internet marketing has to offer. For example:

  • Rich Schefren on how to build an automated system that pulls in leads, gives them a “live” presentation (one that delivers value to them while making them desperately want what you have to offer) and follows up until they become loyal clients. And it runs on autopilot, month after month, with no further time investment from you or your team.
  • Tony Robbins “Business Mastery.” This week long event covered everything from how to double your revenue, create a “core story” that wraps your sales message inside valuable education, building systems, understanding cash flow… This class alone launched more than a few very successful business consultants.
  • Perry Marshall on how to write for lasting influence. This 12-person intensive was about as exclusive as it gets. Perry unlocked the secrets to developing relationships with customers that will keep them loyally consuming everything you put out for years to come. (Perry himself has people on his email list who’ve been there for over a decade – and still read, respond and buy.)
  • Harlan Kilstein on NLP Copywriting. If you’re not familiar with NLP, it stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Its all about how language affects the brain. And when used correctly it can result in some of the most powerfully persuasive communication your customers have ever experienced.
  • Steve Harrison on PR and publicity. How to really get the attention of a reporter and get your story covered.

Plus online classes including:

  • Creating video content that gets your message out and makes the sale.
  • Social media marketing – how to use all those social networks to improve SEO, build your brand and yes, make more money.

What can I do for your business? Email engage[AT]lisapacker.com and find out today!

Internet Marketing & Business Growth Consultant