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One of the things I learned from Tony Robbins is that ideas that are working in one market can be revolutionary in another business. After four years of laser focus on one market, I’m ready to do some cross-pollination.

What I know could help you own your market, and what I learn by working with you could spark new ideas for mine. 

I’m still involved part time in the company I’ve helped build. So as you can imagine my openings are very limited. I choose to work only with certain types of companies. You might qualify if:

– You’re past the start-up phase and are comfortable investing in your website

– You understand the value an optimized website can bring to your business

– You’re open to ideas from outside your market

– You actually care about your customers and want to build repeat business

– You’re not a direct competitor of my existing company. (There are only a handful of those so your chances are good on this one.)

If you’d like to inquire about working with me, send an email to engage[AT] Include your web address and what goals you have for your web presence – what you think your site is doing well and what you’d like to see it do better. I’ll get back within one business day to set up an appointment to talk.

Samples of my work are also available on request.

Internet Marketing & Business Growth Consultant